Our best friend Taq is gone.

Taq & Geoff on Blackrock
Taq came into this world an adventurer, a protector, a loyal friend, and a gentle giant. He lived for walks on the prairies, runs in the mountains, and portages – always ready for adventure. He would run ahead only far enough to scout, then wait until we were in sight before continuing ahead. He never chased bears except on command and never backed down. Thankfully none ever stood up to him. Someone once told me “that dog would die for you”, and he would have. He was that loyal. That was Taq.

He had character. Taq enjoyed chasing kitties, beavers and otters, and playing games with good-natured horses. He was a little saucy, talking back when you scolded him. For that he earned the name Burgs – we often jokingly threatened to make him into hamburger and a fur coat.

Taq loved people. He loved to be involved. He was our ambassador. He wasn’t needy, and he never barked, except at bears. And those were big barks.

He camped with us almost a thousand nights; his presence a comfort we took for-granted. Never straying, always watching, always there. Every night he slept against the tent, against one of us. We paddled in Quetico this summer; Taq couldn’t come. There was a void unconsciously filled with sorrow. It didn’t feel right. It never will.

Taq & Jude
We miss you sweet gentle Taq. Canoe dog. Best friend.




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9 Responses to Maruunik Taqsaalik “Taq”: Oct. 17 2005 – Sept. 8 2015

  1. Terry Hendrickson says:

    Hello McD’s … now 4!

    Such a nice eulogy Jeff, for a member of your family. It hurts as much losing a loved one of human family!

    Archbishop Vanier became a priest; after losing his best friend, a dog given him as soon
    as he could walk.

    The pain of loss was so intense he did not think his heart could take the loss of a wife or child: he become a priest!

    So Taq’s loss is shared by one more of the friends he made; canoeing across Canada with his little family!

    Our Buddy is deaf/back legs fail him/still walks away ( runs )/found a young female a mile from home then played out. I carried him home on my shoulders after I found him … his new friend came along and spent evening with him! Pets have their own world but they make our world so much gentler & kinder!

    I hope boys will grow up with a new Taq ?

    Best Regards,
    Terry & Family

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of dear Taq and to know you’ve continued your journey.

  3. Yvonne Hiemstra says:

    I so know how you are feeling. And it’s the photo of his paws that somehow get to me the most. What is it about dogs? There is no one more authentic and real as a dog. No airs, no pretend, no guilt or manipulation, just pure honesty. The world needs more lessons from a dog. My deep sympathies go out to you all for this great loss. Keep the memories close.

  4. Laurie Holmes says:

    Hi Geoff and family….Kim told me about Taq and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you all at this time. Taq was a very special dog..one of a kind! You, Pam and the boys are so lucky to have the years of memories to cherish. Taq will always have a special place in my heart.
    Love you all xoxo

  5. Diane Vandersall says:

    Our hearts are heavy. The loss of such a faithful and loyal family member is so heartbreaking… so sorry….
    We miss guys. Thinking and praying for you all. Love, Tim & Diane

  6. Maureen & Paul says:

    A magnificent beast was he. Sadness for sure but, all the better for knowing him. Taq was much loved and will be missed. Memories are rich and forever. Love to all.

  7. Alison Rene says:

    We will never forget Taq’s gentle greeting when we met your family up on the shores of lake Superior. So sorry for your loss. Love, Alison and Charles

  8. Kelsey says:

    Sorry to hear.

  9. Tricia McKnight says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your adventure /life companion. Pets love us unconditionally.

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