Hey everybody!

We are excited to announce that we are expecting a new baby this November. Jude has requested a “big brother” to play with. We won’t be finding out because we’ll be in the bush during the screening and ultrasound tests.

For our final season next year, we will have a crew of 5! Is anyone interested in a paddling nanny job for 2013?

We will be heading out on the Saskatchewan River at Tobin Lake, SK, tomorrow. Looking forward to a week or 2 without bugs.


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8 Responses to Exciting news – expecting a new crew member!

  1. Christine says:

    Hello Geoff, Pam (& love bug 2.0), Jude, Taq
    We wish you the best on the start to your journey for this season.
    Lots of love Peter, Christine, Henry, Angus & Jackson

  2. Kristina says:

    Good luck with trip!! I’ll be following along excitedly and hopefully we can all meet up one day.

  3. Burdine says:

    Wow – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That’s Awesome!!!
    Hope the weather is great and the bugs managable – Also hope you are feeling well. Have a great paddling season! Enjoy! xo

  4. Shannon King says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Pam. You are growing another little adventurer in your belly. Soon the kids will be carrying the canoe for you. We met Alex and his brother yesterday. He looks very young, or maybe I am just old (LOL). Sierra is sad you can’t come to her birthday party on Saturday. We are finally having some beautiful weather…hope you are too. xoxo Shannon and the gang

  5. Paul Ashford says:

    Congratulations on your great news! We’re hoping that you have another great and safe adventure this year.

  6. Terry Hendrickson says:

    Hi Jude & Taj and crew … how many 2 yr olds with big mutt get paddled across
    Canada like royalty ? Not lifting a finger ?

    Meeting you all : showing The Pas hospitality was a pleasure . Really enjoy logging on and seeing eastward progress !

    Of course you know Jude will someday come back do Cedar & Winnipeg lake !
    Just because it there !

    Terry , The Pas

  7. Simon Wilson says:

    Wow looks awesome. A question about the bike-boat attachment: did you screw or attach the ‘prototype’ onto the rack? Or is it just tied to the rack and the seatpost, to maybe relieve some pressure? I’m thinking about trying to make my own ‘prototype’; thanks a lot,


    • Hi Simon,

      We tied the rack to a bike rack. The rope loop on the bow of the canoe simply slid over a post on the rack. It worked pretty well and we were able to easily take the boat on and off the rack when we stopped for breaks.

      Where are you thinking of bike-portaging?

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