Gear 2012

Six weeks of food takes a great deal of preparation. Planning, purchasing, unpacking, and repacking in waterproof packaging requires a lot of time and planning.

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  1. Hawk Bay says:

    Hope you have a great trip – we are so excited that Taq will have another little friend! Hugs from the Hawk Bay

  2. Terry Hendrickson says:

    Terry in The Pas . wind dead calm here ! You did good yesterday ! Hope today
    gets you a long way downriver ? Please ck for weather on the hour 990 am
    FM as you find it … You 5 are in my prayers BR Terry

    • Terry Hendrickson says:

      Sat was cold day, but I am amazed on distance you covered ? Jude
      must have dug in with his metric paddle ?

      Regards Terry .. if you need anything I could bring to Easterville ?

      br Terry

  3. Simon Wilson says:

    Wow looks awesome. A question about the bike-boat attachment: did you screw or attach the ‘prototype’ onto the rack? Or is it just tied to the rack and the seatpost, to maybe relieve some pressure? I’m thinking about trying to make my own ‘prototype’; thanks a lot,


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