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A tailwind is great for sailing, but it often means that it will be too windy to stay on the water soon.

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We were stranded in Silver Islet for 6 days because the winds had come up and we couldn’t safely get across Black Bay.  We are very grateful that Ted Duke took us under his wing.  He not only found us accommodation, but he also gave us a lot of helpful information about the area.

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Windy day in our campsite on Nipigon Strait, ON. 

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Breakfast on Nipigon Bay, ON

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Rocky pools provide lots of opportunity to float leaves and splash around.

Thank you to the following people:

  • Tim Tablin of Weedman Thunder Bay gave us a ride back to our canoe and gear on Lake Superior and stored our vehicle in his compound.


  • Robert and Susan LeBrun stored our canoe on their dock while we resupplied in Thunder Bay.  They also made us a delicious dinner and invited us to sleep in their cabin so that we could get up and head out in the morning calm.

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  • Ted and Fran Duke grew up in and around Silver Islet.  We were very fortunate to have met them as we were walking down the street.  They arranged accommodation for us while we waited out the winds.  In addition, they loaned us their van to get around town, had us over for dinner, and loaned Jude some of their Granddaughters toys while we were there.  We will treasure the wood turned bowls he made and gave to us.

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  • The Saxberg Family, owners of the Silver Islet Store, are a lovely, warm family.  They shared their kitchen utensils with Jude and gave many dog treats to Taq as he waited outside.
  • Charlie and Sue Chernak allowed us to stay in their cabin without having met us!  It is a beautiful place overlooking Silver Islet on Lake Superior.
  • Liz Balfour invited us into her home for an evening in Silver Islet.  A cozy little place built into the rock – amazing!
  • We are grateful to the Bailey Family for upkeeping a cabin and sauna on L. Superior and for leaving it open for paddlers and boaters to use.
  • David Brennan of North Superior Fishing Charters very kindly offered to let us camp on his property.

n19_ellen and dan_web

  • Dan Bisson and Ellen Van Laar invited us onto their sailboat for a cup of tea and delicious desserts.  They provided a place out of the rain for us to change Jude into warm, dry clothes after he fell into the lake (which sounds worse than it actually was).

n19_grandma & jude_web

  • Geoff’s parents, Bob & Katy MacDonald flew to Thunder Bay to pick up our vehicle to shuttle us from Nipigon to Wawa ON.  It has been wonderful to spend time with them and Jude has been thrilled to take them on his “adventures”.
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